Deacon Day

On Sunday, June 13, we will be joined by The Rev. Holly Hartman, Deacon for the Diocese of Massachusetts. Holly is currently serving Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Wakefield.

The Diocese of Massachusetts has been ordaining deacons for 20 years, and although there are currently about 40 actively serving in congregations and ministries, the order of deacons and their role is still not widely understood.

This year, the bishops have set aside June 13 as Diaconate Sunday and an opportunity to introduce more people to the life and work of deacons. Congregations have been invited to request a deacon to be with them and preach during services on June 13, when the church calendar celebrates St. Efrem of Syria, a deacon venerated in both Eastern and Western church traditions.

In addition to celebrating the ministry of deacons in this diocese, a hope for Diaconate Sunday is that it will inspire more congregations to explore how a deacon’s servant leadership among them might benefit their communities and outreach. To read more, please visit the diocesan website

Start Time and Date: 
Sunday, June 13, 2021 -
08:00 to 17:00